Snipe Loaner Program

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Snipes Available in the Dallas AreaŚDuring the past twenty years Snipe Fleet 001 has orchestrated the sale of fifteen Snipes (actually only eleven Snipes when you count the four resales) and has sponsored twenty new members in the Corinthian Sailing Club ("CSC") at White Rock Lake in Dallas.  The four Snipes below are being made available to encourage experienced sailors to join the fleet and begin racing with us.  Two of the boats are owned by the fleet ("fleet loaners") and two are owned by individuals ("private loaners") who are making them available to the loaner program in return for our maintenance. We are seeking to purchase a third fleet boat during the first quarter 2021 to augment the loaner fleet and might also be able to convince one of the inactive skippers to consign a sixth boat to the loaner fleet. We begin the 2021 season (which actually started in November 2020) with a total of eleven snipes in our fleet, having lost five regular sailors during the year who moved out of the area taking three of their boats.

Sailing Snipes at White Rock Lake in Dallas--A snipe owner may trailer his boat to White Rock lake and simply launch from a public pier and join our races. Or the owner may join the White Rock Boat Club at the North end of the lake or the Corinthian Sailing Club further South (where most all the other snipes are located). At either club, the boats are dry-sailed from davits where they are lifted above the water or launched from dollies stored on a boat pad. A boat purchaser who wants to purchase a davit or use a boat pad and keep his boat at CSC must join CSC as a regular member (approximately $700 initiation and $700 annual dues.)  The initiation and dues at the White Rock Boat club are in the same range. If you are considering sailing a Snipe or other class but don't have a boat at one of the clubs you can join CSC as an associate member, which costs approximately $300 per year and includes free sailing lessons.  For more information visit

Loaner User Conditions--Any qualified skipper who is also a member of CSC may take out one of the loaner boats at any time to sail or race on White Rock Lake. A qualified skipper who is not a member of CSC may only use loaner boats to race with the fleet. Skippers are responsible to repair or replace any damaged parts and are expected to assisted in the repairs and maintenance of any loaner boat they regularly use. Upon written request and approval from the Fleet Captain and the Principal Race Officer, a regular racing skipper may borrow the fleet trailer and take one of the fleet loaner boats to a regatta.

Purchase Conditions-- The two fleet loaners and the $500 private loaner may be purchased for the prices shown below. The purchaser must participate in at least 25% of the fleet races during any season, or the fleet has the option to repurchase the boat back at cost, less depreciation of 8% per year.

Lease Options-- In order to encourage the more experienced racers to try the Snipe for an extended period of the time the Fleet (in the past) has been willing to lease Snipes on a monthly basis with a portion of the lease payments applicable to the purchase price. Upon application, including a racing resume', the Fleet would be willing to consider an offer to lease.

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(Private) Skipper Snipe #30049 , complete with set of good racing sails (#30391, pole launcher, paddle, top cover, new lines. Sidewinder mast. Minmum weight. Won the 2011 Southwestern Championship. "Yellow Boat" in Davit 21. Not for sale.

(Fleet) Persson Snipe #29956 , complete with set of good racing sails, pole launcher, Proctor mast, adjustable spreaders, top and bottom cover. Minimum weight. Won the 2017 Southwestern Championship. Took 12th in the 2016 US National Championship. "Peggy's Boat" in Davit 14. For sale $4,500.

(Fleet) Persson Snipe #28369, complete with two sets of practice sails, pole launcher, Cobra 2 mast, adjustable spreaders, Staymaster shroud adjusters, top and bottom cover Minimum weight. "Grey Boat" in Davit 20. For sale $3,500.

(Private) MacGlothlin Snipe #25060, complete with adequate racing sails and one set old practice sails, pole launcher, Cobra 2 mast, adjustable spreaders, top cover. "Blue Boat" in davit 185. Excellent starter boat that is still reasonably competitive at the club level. For sale $500.