[UPDATED June 19, 2021] What a great regatta! Twelve boats participated with 14 different skippers and 15 different crews. We were able to get five races on Saturday and three on Sunday morning. With more than seven races, each skipper got to discard his worst score. Gene Soltero and Laura O'Leary won, for Gene's 13th time (out of more than 45 attempts and Laura's 6th time (out of 10 attempts).

Click here to see the final results. Those competitors highlighted are from Dallas Fleet 001 and the other three boats came from Muskogee, Oklahoma, St. Louis, Missouri, and Austin, Texas.

There were seven newcomers (skippers who had not raced in a SCIRA-sanctioned regatta prior to 2019). Their finish order was:

  • 1st: 30777X Newcomer Skipper Taylon Starr & Crew Mark Babb, 2nd overall
  • 2nd: 29908 Newcomer Skipper Jody Smith & Crew Annette Johnson, 6th overall
  • 3rd: 30477 Newcomer Skipper Otto Beall & Crew John Beall, 7th overall
  • 4th: 19888 Newcomer Skipper James Bland & Crews Karen Bland and Adam Velte, 8th overall
  • 5th: 29956 Newcomer Skipper Tim Capper & Crew Maxwell Capper, 10th overall
  • 6th: 30391 Newcomer Skippers Derek Morris & Crew Tim Tetsch, with each crewing for the other, 11th overall
  • 7th: 28369 Newcomer Skippers Steve Benenson & David Card & Crew Cindy Furey, 12th overall
  • Click here to see some of Adam Velte's photos from the regatta.