Use the form below as your initial application to join Snipe Fleet 001 as a visitor, guest, or member. You can use the descriptions below to determine which of the groups you best fit. After your form is submitted you will receive two emails. The first should come right away to let you know your form was received. The second will come after a fleet officer has reviewed your form and approved your application.


Visitor: A person coming to the Corinthian Sailing Club ("CSC") dock to meet our members and to find out about sailing Snipes. We welcome any and all visitors to show up early for any of our events to meet Snipe sailors and learn more about our fleet. If you fill out the information form below, we can better help you determine whether a Snipe or some other fleet at CSC is the best fit for you. There is no cost to a Visitor.

Fleet Guest: A Visitor who completes the information form and signs the liability waiver (described below) becomes a Guest of the fleet, and is entitled to 5 days of on the-water sailing activity and five events of shoreside training activity at no cost.

CSC Member Guest: Any CSC member who is not already in the Snipe Fleet may attend up to ten days of Snipe Fleet sailing activity at no cost without the requirement to join the Snipe Fleet. CSC members with limited sailing experienced are encouraged to join the Snipe Fleet training program on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

Fleet Member in order to continue any activities past the guest levels, a sailor must join Snipe Fleet 001 as a member at $50.00 semi-annual membership dues, payable by February 1 and August 1. This allows racing in any of the non-regatta races for the remainder of the calendar year as either skipper or crew, all on dock instruction and all sailing lessons. It also includes crewing in regattas.

SCIRA Member: Any Fleet member who wishes to skipper in any regatta sanctioned by the Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) must also be a SCIRA member. The annual fee is $30 for yourself and $35 for registration of a Snipe if you own one. SCIRA signup may be done ahead of time or upon registration at the member's first regatta of the year. At least three SCIRA sanctioned regattas will be held at White Rock Lake in 2022. This level allows participation in all SCIRA sanctioned Regattas, whether at White Rock Lake or anywhere else in the world. In the 2021 season, Snipe Fleet sailors participated in eight SCIRA sanctioned regattas, including three at White Rock Lake. Over the past 25 years, Snipe Fleet sailors have participated in SCIRA sanctioned regattas in 16 different states and six different foreign countries.

Corinthian Sailing Club Associate Member (without boat ownership): Any Fleet member not owning or leasing a boat at CSC may, at any time, with the sponsorship of two current CSC members, apply for Associate Membership in CSC. A Fleet member who has participated in more than 20 non-regatta sailing days must be at least a CSC Associate Member to continue to sail in loaner boats. As a CSC Associate Member, you have full access to the club, may use a Snipe loaner boat at any time to practice or day sail, may use loaner boats from any of the other fleets (subject to their specific fleet rules), may use a club powerboat (after receiving training), and may use the CSC clubhouse for private events, according to CSC rules and guidelines.

Corinthian Sailing Club Regular Member: Any Fleet Member who owns or leases a boat kept at CSC must also become a Regular Member of CSC. Regular Members have all the privileges of a CSC Associate Member and may keep a boat at CSC in the mooring field or on a davit that the Regular Member owns or leases.

CSC Dues and Fees: Annual Membership Dues and Fees are payable on or before April 1 of each year. Any on-line payment made later than April 1 or any payment post-marked later than April 1 will be assessed a $100.00 late fee. CSC By-Laws, Article II, Section 1(d) requires each member to contribute 8 hours of service to the club. If the required service is not completed, the member will be assessed a fee of $100 which will be included in the next year's annual dues.

  • CSC Dues and fees (tax included) are shown below.
  • Regular Membership Dues (Annual): $ 635
  • Associate Membership Dues (Annual): $325
  • Student Membership Dues (Annual): $635
  • Initiation Fees--
  • ----Regular Member over age 30: $ 635
  • ----Regular Member 18 to 30 years of age: $ 317.50
  • ----Associate Member or Student Member: $0.00
  • ----Associate members upgrading to a Regular membership must pay the Initiation Fee.
  • Davit Fee (Annual): $ 110
  • Board Boat Pad Rental (Annual): $ 165
  • Dinghy Pad Rental (Annual): $ 104
  • Board Boat Rack Rental (Annual): $ 86

WAIVER, RELEASE & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: At the bottom of the registration form below, guests and members must electronically sign and submit the fleet's waiver, release and acknowledgement form before taking part in on-the-water activities.